Discount Online Shopping

Discount Online Shopping

Discount online shopping is the main intention of Family Shopping Deals, I got the idea to start this website with an online store for struggling families like yours. Even though this website will earn a very small commission from any of your purchases, this is not your ordinary business.The bargains and deals I am going to provide you will only earn me pocket change, and hopefully this small amount will be enough to help me keep saving your money.

Why I Started This Website

Many of you might be skeptical why I would take the time to start a business that is going to earn me very little money, and the reason I am doing this is because I already have a successful business online. Mentoring with Jeff is my online business bringing me in a substantial income month after month, so this is something I am doing for personal reasons. You see I know too well how it is to struggle to provide for your family, so since I am in a better financial situation now, I want to help as many struggling families as I possibly can through this website

How We Are Not So Different

I raised three sons by working in a drapery plant for almost nothing, and besides this job, I worked part-time in a sharpening shop still for very low wages. I even earned extra income by doing odd and end farm work on my weekends, so I really do know what it is like to struggle to provide for your family. With our economy today families need assistance to stretch their spending budget, and many of you I know have very little left over after you pay your living expenses. My online store will be providing you the best sales on the discount online shopping sites I can find, and I am focusing on clothing the most since clothing really does have more of an impact on people’s lives than many people realize.

How Clothing Affects Our Lives

How families are dressed has a dramatic impact on their lives, and as dumb as it may seem when we have nice clothing it provides us higher self-esteem. Children especially can experience emotional drama today from their classmates, and how your child is dressed when they go to school often determines if bullies pick on them or leave them alone. Below I have listed some more things you might not have ever considered, so read on to learn more how we dress can affect our lives.

  • Lowers your self-esteem
  • Feel others are better than you
  • Others are smarter than you
  • Ashamed
  • Poor body image
  • Can trigger mental illness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-doubt
  • Less confident
  • Picked on in school

The majority of these feelings often affects your child for the rest of their lives, and sometimes as parents we forget what it was like when we was a kid in school. This really is difficult for parents who were provided the modern fashion the other kids were wearing, and as your child hits their teenage years this can determine if they get in with the right or wrong crowd.

discount online shopping
Children are the most affected by the clothing they wear

How Clothing Affects Teenagers

One of the things parents hear the most from teenagers is, but mom all the other kids are wearing this particular type of clothing. You see if you are not wearing the right clothes as a teenager it can make your life miserable, and often it can determine if you are one of the popular kids in school. Being popular for many teens is very important, and when I was in school I can remember this was more of a factor with the girls than the boys. So if fashion interests you on how it affects students lives, you might be interesting in reading the article Impacts of Fashion on Students.

Shopping For College

If you think shopping for teenagers is overwhelming, you now are ready to start shopping for college clothing apparel for the first time. As your child grows fashion is even more important to them then ever, so let’s see what is the trends for college students today.

  • T-shirts
  • Cardigans
  • Sweaters
  • Hats
  • Jeans
  • Sneakers

So these are what the majority of college students are wearing, but you can be sure they are even more picky than when they were teenagers when it comes to brands and styles.

Now Let’s Take A Look At Fashion For Women

The way a lady dresses has a dramatic impact on how society thinks of her, you might not be old enough to remember at one time a woman would never wear pants in public. Now women are wearing pants in public just as much as men, so as times change so does women’s fashion. The majority of women choose their clothing very seriously, and for the majority of women it really is important how they dress when they are seen in public. For anyone interested in reading this article about What Clothes Says About You by Psychologist World, you can use the link above to visit their website.

discount online shopping
Women choose their clothing by what image they want to give when out in public

Is Fashion Important For Men

Many people underestimate how important fashion really dictates what clothes a man purchases and wears, and one of the main influences in how a guy dresses is his status to his peers. Well-dressed men often are seen as more important and more intelligent than casual dressed men, so depending on the man, and his age determines the most often how he chooses to dress.

  • Positive first impression
  • Increases your status in society
  • More productive
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Confident

No matter if you are a suit and tie type of guy or prefer sports apparel, you will find that the choice of your clothing provides you the confidence to be the real you. You are giving a first impression every time you go out in public, and the reason is you are going to meet and be seen by new people.

Discsount Online Shopping

This article is intended to be an introduction to why I started Family Shopping Deals, and also why my main bargains and deals in my online store will be fashion and clothing for your entire family. Many of us might have never realized there is more to why we choose the clothes we do, and most of us might have thought it was just because we liked the color, but there is much more to it than that.

18 thoughts on “Discount Online Shopping

  1. Love that you started this website. I think thats great. I couldint agree more that fashion for men and women increases self esteem. Something about looking better while working or doing whatever helps on a mental level greatly. I’ve tested it out. Look forward to more stuff

    1. Hello, AJ
      How are you doing today, I thank you for reading and sharing with my readers and myself.
      I look forward to hearing from you again in the near future, you have a great day.


  2. Hi,

    thanks for providing content on such an important topic. I truly believe that many families will benefit from your website. It is always good to have someone in the internet out there who is trying to make the world better. Thanks 🙂


    1. Hello, Fabian

      I appreciate and thank you for your kind words,
      and my intention is to help as many people and
      families save money as I possibly can


  3. It’s so sad that kids judge others on their clothing, but it’s the truth. Thank you for striving so hard to bring affordable clothing to families. Good karma is on it’s way to you! (:

  4. I think you are right about the impact clothing can have on children in today’s world. It is such a shame that we have become so material orientated. I wish there was a way of making sustainable clothing fashionable for you people. I am a school teacher. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    1. Hello, Catherine

      I appreciate your kind gesture to assist in helping the people in need,
      and if you could just share this article it would mean a lot to me.


  5. Hi Jeff,

    I found your story inspiring. As a mom with a small child, being able to save money on clothing is crucial since she is constantly growing. And I don’t have a lot of money when I have to buy her a whole new wardrobe. So I am excited to see the kind of deals that I can find through your website.


    1. Hello, Amanda

      I am happy you have good feelings about my website,
      and I will be doing my best to provide affordable clothing
      for every member of a family


    1. Hello, Alyse

      Shopping for many people is relaxing and a great stress relief,
      and when you can get good deals that makes shopping even better.


  6. Thanks for this post, you raise some really good points. I remember well being a teenager and never having clothes that I liked and being afraid of comments from the other kids. I hope you can help others to avoid this with your discounts

    1. Hello, Chris

      I am sorry to hear you grew up with clothes that gave you negative thoughts and feelings,
      and that is still normal for children today


  7. Thank you, sir, for reminders. Truly, clothing is a very important part of our life. Because of the info here, I will take out time to pay more attention to my dressing and that of the children.

    1. Hello, M Charles

      I am happy my article has helped you become more aware how important clothing
      is for people of all ages, and I wish you the very best always.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    Great post, fashion is definitely becoming a more prominent agenda for men, often even more so than for women.

    Discount online shopping is something I’ve struggled with, so I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Looking forward to seeing what you write next.


    1. Hello, Sharon

      How are you today, I thank you for reading and sharing your feelings and thoughts on this article.
      Being my first article I am pleased with the response from website visitors, and I wish you a better
      online shopping experience.

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